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About the Project

Project Perditus is a speculative biology project focused on developing and describing scientifically plausible extraterrestrial organisms. Much of these studies involve biology, biomechanics, ecology, paleontology, and much more. Many illustrations and detailed descriptions strive to depict life on a bizarre alien planet that resembles Earth. The project’s goal is to create a questioning sense of “what if” about Earthly life and the known laws of biology. Along with creating speculative organisms there will be a focus on human observation, interaction, and preservation of astrobiological life.

Origin of the Project:

The project began as a senior photography assignment in my undergraduate studies. The idea was to conceptualize creatures in sketches, create detailed clay models, take photographs and edit them in a way to resemble microscopic images. However I eventually found that designing the creatures was more fun than photographing them. Soon I began drawing organisms prolifically. The number of species grew and larger family trees were necessary to keep track of all of the evolutionary relationships. I began sharing my work on the internet in March of 2020 and received much support and admiration. The project is planned to continue until my fictional world is fleshed out with unique animals each with their own rich evolutionary histories.

About the Creator

I am Domenic Pennetta, an illustrator and designer based in the Midwestern United States. I studied fine art at the University of Toledo, Ohio, and I dream to be a professional medical or scientific illustrator someday. In the meantime, I create art for videogames, gallery exhibitions, and for personal projects like Project Perditus. Perditus is a passion project of mine that lets me explore a fictional world and create biological creatures and imagery. The word “perditus” is derived from Latin meaning "lost". Lost is an accurate description of the state of my life post-graduation (amid a global pandemic of all things). Due to the chaotic circumstances I find myself in I wanted to uncover some escape to it all. A world that was created to my liking — a place that was orderly and cohesive. I have always been absorbed in sci-fi related entertainment. Videogames like Bungie’s Halo, Nintendo’s Pikmin, and Will Wright’s Spore all offered me loads of fun and creativity. My goal for the project is to reconnect myself to the things that fascinated me in my childhood. I hope my work can intrigue others and develop a sense of wonder much like how the media from my past did!


Feel free to message me at about the project if you have any questions or would like to collaborate. Also check out my portfolio website to see more of my art if you are interested!