Project Perditus

Welcome to Project Perditus

This is the home page of the ongoing speculative biology project called Project Perditus. The project is set in the distant future, where humans have expanded into other solar systems and are questioning their impact on extraterrestrial life. A satellite is sent to assess lifeforms on an analog planet that is similar in size and composition to that of Earth. What forms of life exist on such a planet? And more importantly, what will become of these animals millions of years in the future? By observing the laws found in nature and biology, we can determine what these creatures will look like by the time humanity arrives. If you are interested in art, biology, and science fiction, then the project will certainly grasp your fascination!

What is Speculative Biology?

Speculative biology is an artistic movement and a genre of science fiction. The genre focuses on hypothetical scenarios that could occur in evolution to create bizarre yet plausible looking forms of life. Speculative biology goes by many other names such as “speculative evolution” or “speculative zoology”, although speculative biology is a more fitting term to describe Project Perditus. In speculative biology worldbuilding is often thorough, drawing inspiration from many sources like astronomy, biology, ecology, geology, and much more.

Support the Project on Instagram

The project is most active on Instagram! Art is posted weekly and the official account often promotes other speculative biology artists in the community. Additionally there are contests held occasionally to get the community more involved in the project! If you are interested in supporting the project, participating in contests, or are just interested in becoming a part of the broad speculative art community, then please check out @project_perditus on Instagram!